Bible in Schools

Bible in Schools 2019

The Patumahoe School Board of Trustees have been discussing the implementation of the Bible in Schools education programme. This is inlight of some pending changes to religious education being considered by the Government and recent feedback from our school community.

For a number of years now our school has been providing Bible in Schools lessons for 30 minutes once a week. In line with the Education Act (1964) the school must remain closed for instruction while the programme is running and participation in the programme has been managed on an opt out basis.

We have since decided to offer Bible in Schools as an additional programme that your child has to be opted into. This means that school will not be closed for instruction during this time and classes will resume as usual. The default option now is that your child will be in class, unless you have indicated on the attached form that you would like your child to attend the Bible in Schools programme. This will take effect from Term 1 2019.

The programme is likely to run on a Thursday morning from 8.30-9.00am.