Calf Club

Calf Club is normally held on a Saturday in September. All pupils must enter any one of the following options below:

1. Animal Rearing

1.1 Calf (born between 1 June and 31 August)

1.2 Lamb

1.3 Goat

1.4 Chicken and Diary

2. Pet and a project ( a little who I am booklet)

3. Dogs – leading, grooming, tricks. Diary.

4. Technology challenge – a brief will be given at school on demonstration day and children make/create and write a description of the process.

5. Grow a seed – details at demonstration day. Beans are supplied by the school and given out 6 weeks prior to calf club.

It is compulsory for all pupils to enter one of the 5 options

Also classes will have displays of class work with a range of activities displayed eg A flower activity, model/making, cooking, art and technology.

Reminder timelines are very tight for ordering animals please be very aware of close off times especially for ordering chickens. These times are advertised closer to the time through school newsletters.

All animals except chickens can be sourced privately if you wish.