Calf Club




The annual Calf Club day has long been a tradition at Patumahoe School. The Board of Trustees acknowledges that this is important and emphasises the rural aspect of the school zone area.


  1. To ensure that an annual event is held which follows the Patumahoe School Calf Club Code of Practice.
  2. In conjunction major fundraising activities may be organised by the P.T.A.


  • Competitive classes will be administered by the Calf Club subcommittee of the PTA.
  • Lamb, calf and goat competitions will have junior and senior sections.
  • A competitive pet section, including a pet diary, will be judged.
  • A chicken rearing section will include a diary that will be judged.
  • A dog section will be judged including a care plan/diary.
  • Staff will also be responsible for setting up an indoor display representing pupils work from their class learning activities.
  • Pupils without an animal must enter a project brief given by staff. This will include a technology invention or plant challenge and description.
  • All pupils will enter an animal event or a project.
  • The overall emphasis of the day is on the animals and horticultural categories.

Approved: 11/16

Review By: 02/19



    1. To foster a love of animals.
    2. To encourage proper care of animals.
    3. To encourage understanding of the rural activities in the area.


    1. The Calf Club sub-committee and Chairperson are to be selected at a PTA meeting held early in March each year. This committee will be responsible for the running of all competitive animal categories.
    2. The number of members on this committee is to be decided at the March meeting. If possible at least one of the members is to be a person with previous experience at running / organising Calf Club.
    3. A Calf Club sub-committee meeting will be held soon after the Calf Club day to report back to the PTA. At this meeting next years date will be suggested and submitted to the next Board of Trustees meeting.
    4. Provision for lunches for Officials will be made if required.


    1. Itemised prepared budget is to be provisionally approved by the PTA at their April meeting and confirmed as soon as practicable.
    2. Any further requests for expenditure for the running of the Calf Club day must be approved by the PTA.


    1. All pupils of Patumahoe School are eligible to enter Calf Club.
    2. Preschools who intend to enrol at Patumahoe School. Preschoolers have a section of their own, are not judged, the year does not count towards their Merit Badges, and they receive a green participation ribbon only.
    3. If a child now attends Patumahoe School and has previously shown a calf, lamb, goat or chicken at another school, they are eligible for merit awards.


    1. Calves (dairy or beef type), lambs and kid goats (any breed), yearlings and chickens are eligible for judging.
    2. All chickens that have been raised by the child from 1 day old and are aged between 5 & 8 weeks on Calf Club day are eligible for the chicken section. It is preferred for ease of judging that all chickens entered are obtained from the same source and batch.
    3. All calves must be born after 1 June and before 31 August.
    4. Animals may not be suckled.
    5. The clipping, plucking or oiling of calves coats is not permitted.
    6. Lambs and kids may be washed with water only. (Soap and shampoo are not permitted).
    7. Dogs are eligible for judging in the dog section.
    8. Calves, kid goats, lambs, yearlings and chickens must have been reared and cared for by the handler. (No loaning or swapping of animals will be permitted.)

5.9. Pets and the pet diary will be judged.


All animals will be divided into Junior Y0-Y3, Senior Y4- Y6 or Yearling classes unless low numbers warrant a combined class.

Calf Classes:

Leading - Dairy and Beef – junior and senior

Rearing / condition – Heavy breed – junior and senior

Light Breed – Open

Dairy type – Heavy and Light breed – Open

Beef type – junior and senior


Lamb Classes:

Leading – junior and senior

Calling – junior and senior

Best Export – junior and senior


Goat Classes:

Leading – junior and senior

Calling – junior and senior

Condition – junior and senior


Chicken Classes:

General Condition, diary and handling, attention and care given – junior and senior

Open Preschool Class for all Animals

Dog Classes:


Obedience (Optional)

Any fun activity

Y7/8 children can enter Patumahoe Calf Club day in order to be eligible for Group Day. They will not be competing with the Y1- Y6 children or qualify for the Calf Cups and Merit awards. This Y7 & 8 class is open to children who have previously attended Patumahoe School or who have a sibling attending.

6.9 Pet Classes

Pets will include the presentation of the animal and a pet diary explaining care.

6.10 Technology and Plant

Project sections will be recognised for awards and ribbons.


    1. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class (except Preschool).
    2. A Green participation ribbon will be awarded to a competitor who has not received a ribbon in any class.
    3. Merit badges are awarded for participation with either a calf, yearling, lamb, kid goat, chicken for the following number of consecutive years:
      1. Merit – 3 years
      2. Honour – 5 years
      3. Distinction – 6 years

    1. Cups and Trophies will be awarded in some classes (see attached list).
    2. All cups and trophies will be returned to the School when the winner leaves the District, or when requested by school staff.
    3. Merit awards for chickens – Children must keep a diary and handle their chickens for the judge. This section will be eligible for merit badge award.
    4. Ribbons and awards will be given in the Technology Challenge and the Plant Project section.

Any changes or additions to this Code of Practice must be made at an Open Public Meeting, organised by the Calf Club sub-committee as soon after Calf Club as possible.


The following Trophies will be awarded:

G.R. Ball Cup Junior Calf Leading

Sutton Cup Senior Calf Leading

Litchfield Cup Heavy Breed Dairy (Heavy Breed Condition Junior)

Cloverland Jersey Cup Light Breed Dairy

E.K. Wright Cup Junior Condition/Rearing (Heavy Breed Condition Senior)

H. Parkinson Cup Senior Condition/Rearing (Light Breed Condition Open)

Madgwick Cup Champion Calf

Street Shield Reserve Champion Calf

Cryer Trophy Beef Breed Condition Open

Street Cup Best Calf Yearling

Holly Geck Memorial Trophy Encouragement/Best Turned Out Calf

Ron Wood Memorial Cup Encouragement Cup Junior Calf

I. Laing Cup Champion Lamb

Keown Cup Reserve Champion Lamb

Wallace Cup Best Export Lamb

P & J Fox Cup Junior Lamb Leading

Schlaepfer Shearing Cup Intermediate Lamb Leading

Whitworth Cup Senior Lamb Leading

Hunter Withers Cup Junior Lamb Calling

Bernasconi Motors Cup Intermediate Lamb Calling

Tribe Cup Senior Lamb Calling

Saunders Yearling Cup Lamb Yearling

Thompson Cup Champion Goat

Bowden Cup Res Champion Goat

Gregory Trophy Goat Encouragement

MacPherson Family Trophy Goat Leading

G & A Woolsey Cup 3rd Overall Calf (Points Prize)

MacMillan Cup Two Animals

Van De Worp Cup Chicken Champion

Howe Cup Chicken Reserve Champion

Bank Cup Reserve Champion Dog

Morgan Trophy Champion Dog Senior

Wildman Trophy Chicken Diary

Harrison Woods-Davidson Encouragement Cup Junior

Judges Choice Senior Technology

Judges Choice Intermediate Technology

Potton Family Trophy Judges Choice Junior Technology

Judges Choice Senior Plant

Judges Choice Intermediate Plant

Judges Choice Junior Plant

Coffee 2 Go Kart Pet Diary