Curriculum Framework





The Board of Trustees has a legal obligation to provide the pupils of Patumahoe School with a balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework to foster student learning and achievement.


To enable pupils to reach their full potential through providing a balanced programme covering all the essential learning areas. Using the guidelines outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum Framework, the School Curriculum will ensure the key competencies; the principles and values are developed in all planning.

  • The needs of individual students learning outcomes are at the centre of all teaching, learning and assessing.
  • Students are encouraged to acquire the knowledge, skills and understandings within the curriculum statements along with appropriate attitudes and values.


  1. The curriculum is delivered in accordance with the National Education Guidelines (National Education Goals, National Administration Guidelines and the National Curriculum Statements) and follows the School Curriculum Delivery Plan.
  2. Monitor, assess and record student progress against National Achievement Objectives (National Standards) using a variety of planned assessment procedures which are integrated into the NZ Curriculum teaching and learning programmes.
  3. Identify barriers to learning for students and implement strategies to address these.
  4. Provide equitable educational opportunities for all groups of learners, i.e. inclusive differentiated programmes of work for all students.
  5. Assess student achievement, maintain individual records and report on student progress using the NZ Curriculum and the National Standard Guidelines to the Board of Trustees, parents and Ministry of Education.
  6. Respect and draw upon the significant features of our diverse ethnic and cultural New Zealand heritage.
  7. Develop Curriculum Plans for all Learning Areas that reflect the special nature of this community and are maintained through self-review.
  8. Recognise parents, caregivers and the wider community as educators providing the opportunity to educate.
  9. Provide ongoing teacher professional development as the necessary foundation for successful curriculum delivery.

Approved: 09/17

Review By: 05/20


  1. All teachers work as a part of a Syndicate and Teams in which co-operative planning, teaching, learning and cross grouping occurs.
  2. Teachers planning will reflect the Patumahoe School Curriculum, current Charter goals and targets, using an integrated curriculum approach
  3. Current accredited assessment tools will be used, following the annual assessment schedule.
  4. Teachers will use a range of formative and summative assessments to form an Overall Teacher Judgement (OTJ) in relation to the National Standards.
  5. OTJ’s will be moderated at Team, Syndicate and School Staff meetings to ensure uniformity of judgements.
  6. Teachers will be pro-active in forming active partnerships with parents, whanau/caregivers, following principles of Whanaungatanga.
  7. Teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning as detailed in research will be promoted.
  8. Teachers, teaching inquiries will form the basis of classroom decision making.