Reporting to Parents




Both formal and informal reporting is important in the establishing of good relationships between parents, child and teacher. These relationships are essential to good learning outcomes.


  1. Reporting will meet the requirements of the Education Act.
  2. Communication between parents and teachers should keep parents regularly informed.
  3. To inform parents of students: - achievement and progress in relation to the National Standards.
  4. To inform parents of students overall progress and social development.
  5. To establish common goals with parents in respect to their children that can be jointly pursued.


  • Reporting will be timely, accurate and appropriate. Reporting takes place in a variety of ways.
  • A formal meet the teacher and goal setting opportunity will be held early in early Term 1.
  • Parent teacher interviews will be held in Term 2, which will include a written mid-point report in relation to National Standards.
  • Student led sharing of learning conferences will be held in Term 3.
  • A written final end of year report will be sent home in Term 4.
  • For students in Y1-3 there will be an additional anniversary National Standards Report near the anniversary of their start date.
  • Class assemblies for student voice to be heard by parents in activities, informal parent interviews – ‘open door’ policy.
  • Teachers who have concerns about aspects of a student’s progress or attitude will arrange for parents to come into school, to discuss possible courses of action that might help to solve the problem.
  • Parents may arrange an interview at any time.
  • School newsletters will be a weekly communication vehicle.
  • Class newsletters and class blogs will be updated on a regular basis.


REVIEW BY: 08/19