Treaty of Waitangi




The Treaty of Waitangi has a unique place in the history and development of New Zealand and to meet our legal requirements in relation to Maori under the Education Act 1989.


  1. To give all pupils an understanding of Maori values and culture. (Participation)
  2. To recognise and value the bi-cultural heritage of New Zealand society. (Protection)
  3. To help our children recognise the richness of New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage.(Partnership)
  4. To recognise our obligation under the Treaty of Waitangi.
  5. To ensure that Maori students get the best possible education to improve their educational status.


  • Ensure that understanding of both cultures is promoted through inclusion of the Maori perspective in all learning areas.
  • Make use of any local resource and resource people to enhance effective teaching of Te Reo Maori and Taha Maori.
  • Provide staff and Board of Trustees with an awareness of our obligations to the Treaty through Professional Development.
  • Recognise that in some cases the needs of Maori children are different and that extra special resources and teaching methods may be required.
  • Student achievement information will be used to develop strategies for improving Maori student outcomes.
  • As a school we will consult at least once a year with the Maori parents of the school and relevant community personnel, and report on Maori student achievement.

Approved: 04/17

Review By: 11/19