Uniform Policy




School Uniforms identify and promote the safety of Patumahoe School pupils and makes the children feel proud citizens of the community showing school spirit, building confidence and supporting school and community values.


The school uniform is compulsory ensuring our pupils:

  • Are easily identifiable in the community thereby enhancing personal safety both traveling to and from school and in out-of-school activities
  • To have a sense of school pride and belonging


  1. All students are required to wear the designated Patumahoe School uniform
  2. The uniform is worn all year round; there is no summer or winter uniform. Children may wear the parts of the uniform needed depending on the weather conditions.
  3. The school uniform shall consist of the following:


    • Royal Blue T-shirts –short sleeve with school logo
    • Royal Blue Polar Fleece long sleeve with school logo


    • Royal Blue Skorts (shorts with a skirt flap) for girls
    • Royal Blue Taslon pants – long, lined/fleece.
    • Royal Blue shorts (for boys or girls) - NO rugby/league shorts


    • Hats - bucket (compulsory for outdoors in Terms 1 and 4)
    • Beanie – for winter use Terms 2 & 3. (Optional)
    • During swimming season swimming cap and goggles are compulsory


    • School appropriate shoes and or sandals should be worn.

  1. School uniforms will be available from the designated supplier.
  2. When available second-hand uniforms are available at the school for purchase.
  3. Thermal long sleeved tops in navy blue or black may be worn underneath the school short sleeved T-shirts. Navy blue or black tights maybe worn under skorts.
  4. If a pupil does not consistently wear the correct uniform, parents will be notified to ensure policy is followed.
  5. Nail polish is not to be worn.
  6. No jewelry is permitted to be worn except pierced stud earrings and wrist watches.
  7. Hair adornments should be kept to minimal and be of school colours.
  8. Sports/house T-shirts – available for purchase from time-to-time as one off orders, to be worn on sports days and PE.

Approved: 07/19

Review Date: 04/22