Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


The Board is responsible for the governance of the school. Their duties include:

1. Representing the interests of the children enrolled at the school.

2. Setting goals and policies.

3. Monitoring the schools' performance against these goals and policies.

4. Ensuring policies are consistent with legal obligations.

5. Employment of staff.

6. Ensuring good communication between the school and its community.

Who we are

​Jo Hunter - Chairperson

Jade Tawhiti - Principal

Miranda Millington - Staff Rep and Enhanced Needs

Kiri Wynne - Policy and Legislation

Mike Greig - Property

Sarah Davies - Finance

Kevan Thompson - Health and Safety

Meeting Times

​Meetings are generally held in the third week of every month at 5.30pm in the school staffroom. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to speak at a meeting please contact the Board Chairperson.


  • ​ A copy of the monthly minutes is kept on the school foyer notice board. Back copies are available from the office.
  • The Board agenda and reports are collated prior to meetings. For this reason correspondence to the Board needs to be in five days in advance. If this deadline cannot be met urgent matters can be referred to the Chairperson.
  • Concerns should first be addressed to the relevant staff member, and then the Principal, before reaching Board level. Board members are happy to informally discuss concerns but, to be officially acted upon, they must be put in writing.
  • Board members are parents elected by other parents to represent their families' interests and to act on their behalf. Boards are elected for a three-year term in an 18 month cycle retaining half the Board each election.